lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Pope of Palmar de Troya: Peter III

Peter III: The new pope of Palmar de Troya

Dear readers of English. I received the news re that I transcribe below:

After having heard different rumors concerning Father Sergius Maria (“Pope Gregory XVIII”) and his visiting a woman in southern Spain for at least the last several weeks, it turns out that the information was true and that this same father has left the order (of that group).  This was confirmed by an announcement from the altar in Palmar two days  ago.  Yesterday we received information from  different sources confirming the election or the acceptance of a previous appointment by their “pope” of Father Eliseus Maria (who was second in command) as “Pope Peter III.”  I suppose that the next one will be Gregory 19th and so on.  

Let’s pray for all the good souls amongst them (most of them are!) that they return to the only path that leads to God.

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